Fiberall OBD DTC trouble code reader with Bluetooth 4.0 is coming soon

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Fiberall mainly provide DTC trouble code readers with Bluetooth 2.1 at present. In order to meet the market requirement, we are trying Bluetooth 4.0 now, but it is still in the test period and pls kindly continue to pay attention on our update.


What’s the difference between Bluetooth 2.1 and Bluetooth 4.0? And what’s the advantage of Bluetooth 4.0?


1, As for iPhone4S,iPhone5 and other IOS equipments with Bluetooth 4.0, no Apple MFI approved is required.


2, Bluetooth 4.0 is a more energy efficient protocol, it adopts high intelligent Host Control and it can save more power than 2.1. This is the most important feature of 4.0. If the user need to interact with the OBD device with smart phones for long period, 4.0 would be better.


3, Due to its new designed feature on Frequency Hopping, Latency, Range, Robustness, Strong Security, and Topology,it is able to achieve high speed transmitting performance.


4, But as a traditional product,Bluetooth 2.1 still occupy the main market, for example, most of  Android device are based on Bluetooth 2.1 at the moment and it supports version later than 2.1, it is universal but 4.0 still need some time to get its market.


5,Via the appointed APP, you can check& test your car any time and any place because there is no WIFI isrequested. Bluetooth is enough.


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