Fiberall OBD2 engine trouble code reader with Bluetooth 4.0

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Fiberall OBD2 engine trouble code reader with Bluetooth 4.0


Our Bluetooth4.0 version OBD2 engine scanner is formally promoted to the market.


There are two models of products:


(1) FA-B14-4.0 without power switch


(2) FA-B15-4.0 with power switch


Main advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 is fastlink and low power consumption, for more information of Bluetooth 4.0, please reference to the below article:


As we know, there is not open IOS compatible APP for Bluetooth 4.0 in the market at the moment so the end user have to buy appointed APP and please pay attention to this before you buy, or contact APP supplier to customize your own APP. But as for Android, it is much easier since there are many open APP for options.


APP presents:



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