What kind of information can be obtained from OBD system?

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The information provided by the OBD system includes:

1, Some important real-time parameters of the electronic control system, including engine speed, coolant temperature, vehicle speed, oxygen sensor signal, etc.

2, The function and working state of OBD system itself, such as which diagnostic functions it has, whether the diagnosis is completed, the number of faults and the state of the fault lamp, and some important system parameters at the moment of the fault occurring.

3, Detailed results of some diagnostic functions and corresponding thresholds, such as the aging index of the current catalytic converter and the thresholds for judging faults, as well as the various indicators and corresponding thresholds for evaluating the performance of the oxygen sensors before and after the test.

4, Marking information of vehicle and the current data version;

5, Other data like customized and increased data according to different types of diagnostic products and applications.

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