What is the structure and logic of the OBD fault code reader?

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We know that engine is the heart of a car, and the heart of the OBD fault code reader is MCU inside. It can process and analyze the data of each ECU of the car through CAN bus and the 16pin OBD-II interface, then output result to APP on mobile phone or computer through Bluetooth, WiFi or USB port, and display it on the mobile phone or computer screen. This is the logic of OBD input and output.

Specifically, the ECU is like the car's brain, it is responsible for integrating various vehicle traffic data, it will coordinate the balance of engine, suspension, chassis and other parts, and OBD code reader needs to read the data on the vehicle through the ECU. The CAN bus is like the highway, and the ECUs on the car are like the entrance of the highway. Connecting the entrance to the highway and the data is passed into the CAN bus. The 16 pins of OBD interface are fixed, and most of the vehicle models on the market follow this standard, except for some special protocols that need to be modified, so there is no OBD connection problem in most cases. As the heart of OBD, MCU analyzes the data obtained from 16-pin OBD interface, with the media of OBD trouble code reader and finally enters the APP display through Bluetooth or other transmission mode.

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