FA-HUD-M7, Universal Vehicle Head Up Display HUD with Dual Display Systems



    FA-HUD-M7 Universal Vehicle Head Up Display HUD with Dual Display Systems


    Main Feature of FA-HUD-M7 Head Up Display:

    1, High-definition display, high brightness

    2, With big font, clearer and readable 

    3, Two connection modes, OBD-II cable and cigarette lighter

    4, Selecting GPS mode after electrification can be applied to all types of vehicles.

    5, OBD2 System Display + GPS System Display, One Key Switch

    6, With light shielding design, shielding the light of the display, is not dazzling when driving at night.

    7, Using dual system display, various automobile display data are optional

    8, Simple installation, non-destructive installation, plug and play

    9, Intelligent output, stable and safe

    10, Real data, which it is free from outside interference.

    11, Precise positioning, real-time synchronous data, satellite data acquisition is not affected by weather

    12, The display mode can be switched by dialing the wheel key in the direction of the switch.

    13, Automatically adjust the brightness, and can be clearly visible in strong light.

    14, PC material is with excellent resistance of high temperature and cold.


    Display data in OBD mode:

    1. Vehicle speed

    2. Engine speed (RPM)

    3. Water temperature

    4. Instant voltage

    5. Driving mileage

    6. Automatic switch

    7. Fahrenheit and Celsius switching

    8. Automatic sensitive brightness adjustment

    9. Alarm sound switch

    10, Kilometer and mile switching

    Alarm function

    11. Over speed alarm

    12. Voltage alarm

    13. Water temperature alarm

    14, Single stage alarm settings

    15. Voltage alarm settings

    16. Shutdown time setting

    17, Four-stages alarm settings

    18. Water temperature alarm settings


    Display data in GPS mode:

    1, Running speed

    2, Voltage

    3, Alarm sound switch

    4, Travel Icon

    5, Satellite number

    6, Voltage alarm

    7, Automatic sensitive brightness adjustment

    8, Four-stages alarm setting


    Main Parameters of FA-HUD-M7 Head Up Display

    Part number


    Applicable vehicle model


    Main Material

    PC + ABS

    Screen Type


    Display system

    OBD-II mode and GPS mode

    Product color


    Product size


    Packaging size


    Screen size

    3.5 inch

    Working voltage

    11V~18V DC (12VDC/200mA) *as for vehicle with >24V, please use USB cable

    Temperature range

    - 40 ~ 80

    Atmospheric pressure

    86-106 Kpa

    Environmental Noise

    ≤ 60dB(A)

    Alarm sound level

    ≥ 30dB (A)

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